PCHPI Collaboration Development Award Program – Request for Applications

Application Deadline: Monday April 24, 2023

The Pittsburgh Center for HIV Protein Interactions (PCHPI; http://www.hivppi.pitt.edu/) is seeking collaborators! The PCHPI is an international group of scientists striving to understand HIV infection through characterization of its myriad of interactions with host cells, by developing and applying cutting-edge structural, biochemical and virological approaches. Applications in all areas of fundamental and discovery science research will be considered for collaborative awards that will allow scientist to become integral members of our team and provide an opportunity to establish long-term collaborative relationships with center members. Applications from individuals located outside the U.S. are encouraged.

Interested investigators should submit an application as outlined below. Pre-submission inquiries and discussion are strongly encouraged and recommended -  please reach out to any of the PCHPI members: Chris Aiken,  Zandrea Ambrose, Peter Cherepanov, Alan Engelman, Eric Freed, Barbie Ganser-Pornillos, Angela Gronenborn, Juan Perilla, Tatyana Polenova, Jacek Skowronski, Yong Xiong and Peijun Zhang.

Total Award (Direct + Indirect costs): up to US$175,000 per year for one or two years, with the second-year contingent upon progress and collaborative engagement with the PCHPI.

Eligible Investigators: Early career, independent HIV-1 investigators as well as investigators at any career stage who have not previously worked on HIV-1. Faculty with more than US$500,000, or equivalent, in annual direct cost funding will not be eligible.

Required Components for the Application (in indicated order):

  • PCHPI Cover Page (contact Teresa Brosenitsch, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., to obtain form)
  • Abstract
  • Detailed Budget and Budget Justification
  • NIH Biosketch (5 page maximum)
  • Proposal Text (sections A – E, 6 pages maximum)
    • A. Specific Aim(s)
    • B. Significance
    • C. Innovation
    • D. Approach, including a consideration of Scientific Rigor and Reproducibility
    • E. Timeline and Specific Milestone(s)
    • F. References Cited
  • List of current and pending support from all sources

Letters of collaboration should only be included if a collaborator will be conducting specific experiments that are described in the proposal or providing required reagents, equipment, or access to facilities.

Format: Single-spaced, 1/2 inch (1.27 cm) margins, arial typeface, and a font size of 11 points or larger (or similar NIH-compliant format)

Submission: All proposals should be submitted electronically, as a single PDF file, to Dr. Teresa Brosenitsch, PCHPI coordinator, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Questions: Questions about the application and review processes should be directed to Dr. Teresa Brosenitsch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 412-648-8968.

For information about specific cores and resources, please review the PCHPI website at http://www.hivppi.pitt.edu/ where additional contact information for the center and core directors is available.

Funded Individuals:

All funded investigators will be required to follow all NIH regulations/requirements, including those related to animal use, human subjects, and recombinant DNA. In addition, participation in PCHPI activities, including web-based monthly work-in-progress meetings and annual symposia, is required.

Funded investigators will also participate in the PCHPI Mentored Scientist Program, through which the applicant will be paired with a PCHPI member or collaborator whose research is complementary to that of the funded investigator.

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