HIV Biology and Functional Validation

Zandrea Ambrose, Chris Aiken, Alan Engelman, Peter Prevelige, and Jacek Skowronski

The PCHPI includes several funded collaborators, who have expertise in HIV-1 biology and validation of structures and protein interactions. These individuals play a key role in determining the best targets for structural analysis by identifying those that exhibit functional consequences in HIV-infected cells. This is done using RNAi and candidate-specific assays, based on known activities of the specific viral or host protein. They also test, in functional assays, specific hypotheses that are generated by the structural data emerging from the PCHPI and, potentially, from other funded HIV Structures Centers.

Key areas of expertise include biochemical assays of uncoating and capsid stability; isolation and imaging of primary human T cells, macrophages and dendritic cells; RNAi knockdown of proteins important to HIV-1 infection;production of transiently transfected and stable cell lines; hydrogen-deuterium exchange analysis of protein complexes and interactions; and development of HIV-1 vectors for dissection of protein function.

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