A primary goal of the PCHPI is to build bridges between the HIV research community and structural biologists. The center is always looking for new collaborations. Please contact any one of our current members or our center coordinator if you are interested in collaborating with the Center. Each of the projects below involves one or more of the PCHPI Cores and respective personnel.

Current Collaborative Projects

Each of these projects includes effort from one or more of the PCHPI Cores and the respective personnel

Structural studies of Capsid maturation and disassembly (led by T. Polenova and P. Zhang, with C. Aiken, I. Byeon, E. Freed and K. Schulten)

Structure-Function of Capsid and interactions with Cyclophilin A and Trim5alpha (with C. Aiken, P. Zhang, T. Polenova, P. Prevelige)

Reverse Transcriptase conformational characteristics and dynamics (led by R. Ishima, with A. Gronenborn, T. Polenova, and S. Le Grice)

Structure-function studies of Vpr-DCAF1 Complex (J. Ahn and J. Skowronski, with A. Gronenborn, G. Calero, Y. Wu, and P. Zhang)

Structure-function studies of APOBEC/AID proteins (led by A. Gronenborn, with I. Byeon and J. Levin)

TNPO3 structural biology and HIV nuclear import (led by A. Engelman and P. Cherepanov, with C. Aiken)

Proteomic ID of PIC interacting proteins (J. Skowronski, with M. Washburn)

Imaging of HIV-1 capsid uncoating and tracking of the PIC (Z. Ambrose and S. Watkins)

Single Molecule Imaging of HIV-1 Genome Remodeling by Cellular RNA Helicases (led by J. Munro)

Novel Comprehensive Approaches in Structural Biology of HIV proteins (led by G. Calero)

Examining a functional link between HIV-1 capsid and viral DNA integration (led by CV Dash,  with C. Aiken)

Structural studies of HIV capsid interaction with cellular factors (led by Y. Xiong)

Other collaborations and/or past recipients of PCHPI collaborative funds

Real-time imaging of the HIV core release and trafficking (led by G. Melikian)

Regulation of HIV-1 infection by capsid interactions with cyclophilin A and CPSF6 (led by M. Yamashita)

Solid-State NMR on CA assemblies (T. Polenova, Year 1 recipient of PCHPI Collaboration Development Funds, with E. Freed, S. Ablan, A. Samoson, & J. Struppe)

CA Interactions  in Macrophages (Z. Ambrose, Year 2 recipient of PCHPI Collaboration Development Funds)

Solution NMR studies of Nef interaction with PACS2 (with G. Thomas, Year 2 recipient of PCHPI Collaboration Development Funds)

Nef protein interaction with Hck (with T. Smithgall, Year 1 & 2 recipient of PCHPI Project Funds, subsequently funded by a collaborative grant: R21AI077444)

Vpr interaction with Glucocorticoid Receptor (with V. Ayyavoo, Year 1 & 2 recipient of PCHPI Project Funds)

Discovery and Validation of Reverse Transcriptase interacting host proteins (with N. Sluis-Cremer, Year 1-3 recipient of PCHPI Project Funds)

Solution NMR studies of Nef interaction with MHCI/AP1 (with J. Guatelli and K. Collins)

HIV uptake and trafficking in dendritic cells (Z. Ambrose with R. Gummuluru & R. Salter)

HIV,human protein interaction prediction (J. Klein-Seetharaman with A. Gammerman)

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